Using Canva: Social Media Posts

I was asked to make four social media posts using Canva, a design website. I was really excited about this project. I have used Canva before,. When I went through the tutorials, I was very excited, because I already knew how to use the program. I got work on my skills with Canva, and my skills have really improved. I think my excitement was because I was able to do a project for a company that I knew, and that were able to use it.

Below are the posts that I made for Todd Danker Carpentry.

This is the Facebook cover that I made.


These are three posts that I made for Todd Danker Carpentry’s Facebook page.


Canva allows people without design skills, to make things that are impressive. Canva does not allow you to make advanced design skills, like Photoshop and InDesign. I think Canva does allow public relation practitioners to make quick and easy designs. By having a quick tool available, practitioners are able to finish projects effectively.

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